Our technicians study your specific requirements. They work in close relation with your design office and provide advice and technical assistance during the design of your parts. (Choice of spring, type of raw material and surface treatment). With the help of software, they carry out your spring calculations and can provide simulation behaviour of your components.





Our quality assurance system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 (automotive benchmark) and EN 9100 (aeronautic benchmark).

These automotives benchmark enables our customers to profit from our methods of industrialization follow ups and checks implemented in these automotives and aeronautics sectors.

We are also in a position to develop specific methods of control for your product.

And following your demands, we can supply on delivery a control report, raw material certificate or other documents required.

Concerning mass production we use Statistic Production Control, SPC.

On request, we can carry out indurance tests, oxydation tests, or measurements of particle pollution (cleanliness).

We are equiped with the latest cleaning machine leading into a clean room category 100 000 where the springs are packaged.