Compression springs

Compression spring
Compression spring
Compression spring
Compression spring
Compression spring

Compression springs

The compression spring is the most common and most manufactured by our company. Its function is to be deformed under strengh and to hold the energy to go back to its initial position. The solicitation must be mainly axial and oriented to the spring.

Our production ability

We own a full park of digital machines. By means of permanent investments (camera control on winding machines, specific tools etc….), we can assure competitivity, reliability and quality.

We are able to realize all kind of compression springs following drawing, specification needs, technical datas and existing parts. From diameter 0.12 mm to 12.00 mm.

Internal finitions

Heat treatment (Stabilisation)

The heat treatment allows to relax residual stress when the spring is being shaped. During this operation, the geometry of the spring can differ (diameter and length). The temperature and the exposition time can vary depending on the raw material used. We have go-through furnace at the machine outfeed and many other oven. All of them are equipped with a temperature recorder in order to follow and record the temperature needed on each application in actual time. They can be communicated on request.

Grinding operation

This operation allows the spring to have a perpendicular base to the axis of the spring. The grinding is done at the edges of the spring where raw material is taken off until we obtain a nice foundation.

We have a special workshop dedicated for this operation. We can realize all kind of spring from diameter 0.20 mm to 12.00 mm. Automatic machines are available while grinding the springs can be untangled simultaneously in order to improve productivity with big series.


The blocking operation consists to put all coils jointly at a given height. It can also raise artificially the acceptable limitation of the spring. We have automatic machines which untangle parts (vibrating bowls) for different sizes. So we can check big series produced automatically.

These machines are fully equipped with tare system allowing to measure a load to a precise height.

In addition, different innovating and automated means can be proposed in order to answer to different request.

  • Sorting can be done after the blocking and tare operation with separation in 3 or 5 different lanes. Springs can be classified in many categories wished « Strong-weak » etc… Theses categories can be selected according to your needs.

Automatic machine with camera to sort spring one by one.

  • Spotting with colors can also be done in order to distinguish different load class previously defined.

Cleaning, tribofinishing, oiling

In many different activities cleanliness has become a major criteria. In order to answer to this demand we have an ultrasound machine that transfer the parts to a white room to obtain particles rate close to 300µ.

We are also equipped to reduce burrs following the grinding operation.

In addition, we have machines that can spray oil on steel parts who do not need surface treatment to guarantee a corrosion protection. We can get a finishing result as « dry when touched » or « lightly oily »(Centrifugal dryer).


Having a hard time to spot your springs? We can realize or request spotting from our sub-contractor following specific request.


Set on tray, in small plastics boxes and tubes etc…

    Compression spring

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