Surface treatment

In order to deliver you a finished product to prevent many intermediate, RESSORTS LACROIX can give you the opportunity to take care of the surface treatment requested on your drawings.

We work closely with different specialists.

According with your requirements or current regulations, we can propose the following, in joint project with our sub-contractor, the best treatment in combination with the best price.

List of the surface treatment we can propose :

  • Zingage, cadmiage, nickelage
  • Zinc Nickel
  • Anodisation – Phosphatation
  • Polissage Electrolytique
  • Passivation
  • Zinc Lamellaire (Géomet / Delta Proteckt / Magni)
  • Peinture Epoxy (Type de RAL à la demande)
  • Dorure
  • Chromage Noir
  • Grenaillage


Here are the principal reasons why surface treatment are realized on springs :

(A non-exhaustive list, which can vary depending on your needs and request)

Corrosion protection

Goal: Protect the springs from corrosion of the raw material,…


Goal: Finishing appearance of the parts, visible parts on your assembly, visual aspect,…


Goal: Decrease friction coefficient.


Goal: Improve the resistance to fatigue of the springs, life cycle,…


Goal: To prevent noise related to the function of the spring,…


Goal: To encourage electrical conductance,…

The wear resistancy

Goal: To improve the friction and abrasion of the spring,…